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Balika Vadhu (Kachchi Umar Ke Pakke Rishte) is one of the most recent and most popular Hindi TV Serial. The serial broadcasts on Colors TV and after the broadcast of first episode on July 21, 2008 this has been a huge hit with high TRPs. Due to a different theme then the regular Saas Bahu Theme in Hindi Soap Operas, this is quite popular. It has been produced by Sunjoy Waddhwa & Comall Waddhwa and has already crossed 700 episodes mark in success. The theme behind the serial is Child Marriage which still prevails in some backward societies of India.
Anandi and Jagdish (Balika Vadhu)
Story of Balika Vadhu: IT is story of young 8 year old girl Anandi (Avika) who is from backward area where child marriage is a tradition. She is married at tender age of 8 to Jagdish who is also a child. The season 1 of Balika Vadhu deals with life of Anandi in her ‘Sasural’ as a child and how she grows to women hood. The season 2 of Balika Vadhu is shown in which Anandi is now grown up. Her role in now being played by Pratyusha Banerjee.
New Anandi (Balika Vadhu)

Songs and Music Downloads

The title song of Balika Vadhu is nice one and was requested by our visitors.
Title song
Kesariya Balam Song
Anandi Gauna Song

If you want to make the lovely title song as the ringtone of your mobile use this link to download – Balika Vadhu Ringtone

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89 Responses

  1. Veena Adige says:

    Balika vadhu is an excellent serial depicitng the life of these young brides. In this serial each character is well defined and good. EVen Kalyani is not out and out bad, but has various shades of grey and white. All act well.

  2. rebecca paul says:

    i am very happy to see the Balika Vadhu serial. In this each roll play is so real that still it happening in india and i dont have words to express about the serial

  3. Ashish Devangan says:

    It is ecxellent serial,
    Very different thinking about making this serial, Wonderful picturisation & casting…The role of Anandi (Avika Gor) is the sweetest role. Avika playing very good role of ANANDI….,
    If i have chance to meet even popular celebrities, I wish to meet to Anandi….
    I like her so much…
    I wish to have sweat daughter as ” ANANDI “,,,,
    I love her so much!

  4. S.Sen says:

    I want to see this TV Serial online.

  5. harshita says:

    i like dis serial very much specially ANANDI

  6. Arunav muktiar.29th november,12:35 pm says:

    Balika vadhu is a excellent serial.i love jagdisya.i wish to meet him.

  7. Ramesh Chand says:

    It is ecxellent serial,
    Very different thinking about making this serial, Wonderful picturisation & casting…The role of Anandi (Avika Gor) is the sweetest role. Avika playing very good role of ANANDI….,
    If i have chance to meet even popular celebrities, I wish to meet to Anandi….
    I like her so much…
    I wish to have sweat daughter as ” ANANDI “,,,,
    I love her so much!

  8. him asu says:

    Balika vadhu is a mirror of actula traditinal dominating society & it makes some silent fight or action against baseless tradtion of sociey.

  9. Lucky says:

    this serial is marvelous.,
    & character played by AANANDI is damn good,,, its not only good is best,,, that i like her so much

  10. Shailesh kant sharan says:

    i m shailesh
    This is very interesting serial. Anandi is very cute actress in this serial .

  11. NIRAJ NAIK says:


  12. ANSHUL says:


  13. arpit says:

    it very best serial – balika vadhu
    i am the fan of this serial

    It is excellent serial,
    Very different thinking about making this serial, Wonderful picturisation & casting…The role of Anandi (Avika Gor) is the sweetest role. Avika playing very good role of ANANDI….,

  14. Nina says:

    hi , i really like the show as well as the music, where can i have the title track of Balika Vadhu…Chhoti si umar…

  15. Krati says:

    I love the serial and its characters especially.

  16. Sneha Somani says:

    BALIKA VADHU is a very nice concept to make people aware of the problems faced by the children who are married at such a small age… Every parent must learn from the show and try to avoid the mistake committed by Anandi’s parents…
    To talk about the show, the best parts are played by Anandi (Avika) & Dadisa (Surekhaji)… I also like Anandi’s sasuma, bapusa, maa, bapu, nayi taiji, taauji, Sugna jiji. Jagdish is also a very good, clever and well-natured boy. Anandi’s friend Phuli is also nice. One more important character that people forget is Anandi’s teacher Ji. She is the one who taught Anandi to take interest in studies. She is the only one who had the guts to kept on opposing Anandi’s child marriage and which is correct. All of us must learn this from her !!!

  17. SNEHA says:


  18. rinki says:

    this show is superb,amazing,mind blowing………………

  19. sayali says:

    i love anandi & jagdish. the title song of balika vadhu is excellent.

  20. sneha sarkar says:

    i really love to watch this serial and i will keep continuing to watch it.

  21. simran labh says:

    I want to see balika vadhu’s latest episodes online. This serial is very good. The characters are very good in acting I want to meet all of them…

  22. Lokesh Shah says:

    I like This Serial Very Much And Specialy Anandi. She is from Kutch. Me also From Kutch I want to meet her

  23. sushila jain says:

    balika vadhu is the best till date serial.
    being mother of two and also being marwari..
    i know how it feels …giving your daughter in such a small
    age.even my mother was married at the age of 11

  24. saurabh kanoi 4m tinsukia {assam} says:

    Balika vadhu is an depicitng the life of these young brides. Excellent serial our family happy to see the Balika Vadhu serial. till now u r showing FACT ,its a request do not make it like other serial.

  25. ANKIT KUMAR GARG says:

    I like this serial very much & its title song touches my heart.

  26. Monty Batra says:

    I watch this serial regularly.I LOVE IT VERY MUCH ………..BUT TODAY I HATE IT WHEN U KILLLED PRATAP


  27. ruma says:

    the whole purpose of the serial has been defeated. It was to teach the masses a number of things. One of the disadvantages of child marriage being widowhood had already been shown in the form of Phuli.Now by killing Pratap they have managed to convince the viewers that a widow’s presence in functions is inauspicious!There are enough tensions in life and just when we start enjoying something they bring misery into it.

  28. Jayshree and ashvini says:

    we are watching your serial balika vadhu everyday.
    why you cancle the roll of “Pratap”.
    sugna and pratap play the important roll in serial like aanandi and jagdish.
    we feel very bad after watching the 25th feb 2009 show.
    please take him back in serial as sugna’s husband ,please… …
    balika vadhu is very good serial ,it’s subject is very good.

  29. sony says:

    After I saw Pratap die I decided not to watch the serial again. It was simply too heart wrenching. I wonder if nobody has the right to be happy in serials.

  30. pratik says:

    balika vadhu is a fanstanstic serial of small tv screen

  31. Mukul Kumar says:

    This serial is too good.
    It’s family show I like this serial.
    & my family like this show

  32. aparna says:

    this serial is very excellent.all the stars in this serial have done their job well,we cant admire anyone fo their acting,whether it may be kalyani,bhairav,sumitra,anandi,suguna,vasant,gehna and jaggiya.all are perfect in their role.the serial really makes us think on the questions they want to show us regarding our customs and traditions we follow for years.

  33. kissna says:

    thank u very much

  34. HEMSHREE says:

    This serial is impressive. I loved it.

  35. AABB says:

    i believe that in some serial which everybody is folLowing should show nicer n happier occasions. n teach lessons the way they were doing earlier. now the life of anandi become terrible.
    we havE stopped watchinG it from that day onwards though we were watching even the repeat telecast. it affects our life

  36. ISHA MANCHANDA says:

    excellent serial.superb & different from all.specifically it shows social evils,so everybody is liking it.

  37. bhavya says:

    this is very nice serial.i

    very much like this serial

  38. Rahul says:

    Balika vadhu soap is very beautiful theme of our rajasthan

  39. EKTA says:


  40. nisha says:

    i like this serial so much

  41. fatima javed says:

    hii its a superb drama.i love it and i am crazy about it.i hav never seen drama like this.i love everyone in this is also awesome and sensitive too.i m a big fan of this drama and actors too.

  42. bulbul says:

    i like this serial
    my parents also like this serial
    & aanandi is my favourite actrees

  43. sanjay says:

    hi!!!!!!!! avika i m sanju i watch ur show every day and balika vadhu serial is very good serial in india so i proud of u

  44. sucharita bhattacharjee says:

    wonderful serial words are not enough to depict the excellence of the serial

  45. divya dhanotiya says:

    balika vadhu is a very most program.i like this serial.i watch everyday.

  46. archana says:

    I appreciate your making of this serial not only with a story but wonderful characters also it is really difficult to name the best character all are giving their best.This serial is only the one iam watching in my exams also and try my level best not to miss. I run from my job to see this serial after my office whether it is 8pm or many a times 11pm It is great showing a relation in a joint family.Please bring out Sukna out of that hell fast.

  47. Nupur Sengupta says:

    One can never know what is hidden in his future and this serial is made with that type of prospects only..

  48. PRATIK says:

    DADI SAA “rocks” man……….. she is just a rockstar..

    ANANDI is very sweet…….

  49. kamal kumar from kota(raj) says:



  50. rahul kumar jaiswal from bairgania(bihar) says:

    I want to thank colors tv for making this serial. Child marriage is a big problem of india. In this serial all’s roll is very nice but i like Avika as Anandi and Shyam. I wanna request to all the citizens of India to view this programme as it is a step towars social awareness

  51. Ashima says:

    I just wanna know the gud name of the singer who sang title track for Balika Vadhu.. Do anyone know?

  52. Govind says:

    i like this serial very much

  53. sanjay jha says:

    this serial is very nice i like it.

  54. Koushik says:

    I love Balika Vadhu.
    It is a great show & the acting of Anandi is nice.

  55. prink says:

    like this serial most. even my family like it too much.
    because of DADI SA

  56. satish says:

    uttaran & balika vadhu is my best serial & song

  57. vishal says:

    I like this serial specially Masa

  58. Rahul Sinhal says:

    Balika Vadhu is a fantastic serial. I have not seen a serial of this type in my life. I liked the role played by Dadisa and Bharav Singh.

  59. Rahul Sinhal says:

    Hi friends,
    This is Rahul from a small town who watch this serial Balika Vadhu and is a great fan of this serial. The role played by all the characters in this serial is fabulous. I am a great fan of this serial because it encourages us to prohibit child marriage which is still witnessed in some of the villages who just want to follow their tradition just as “DADISA”. I acknowledge and admire and also appreciate all that quotations given at the end of the play.

  60. arun says:

    it is the best serial. this is the only serial i watch in the television

  61. neha verma says:

    I like the all serials & the title songs most . In my sister’s marriage , i want to dance with those songs.

  62. innakasliwal says:

    i like this serial so much

  63. veena says:

    This serial is very good. I always see this serial

  64. Vishnu says:

    Balika vadhu is very nice serial and anandi is very nice.

  65. V.Narayanaswamy says:

    In the serial Balika Vadhu, Maasa doesn’t like Aanandi. The reason is Anandi is good at everything and liked by everyone. Maasa feels jealous. Jealousy is normally between people of same age. There could be some age difference. Maasa belongs to 1st generation and Anandi is of 3rd generation. Jealousy between them is quite far fetched.

    Maasa during her younger days leaves the house since her brother-in-law tried to rape her. This should never have been shown. TV viewers has people of all ages. We do not have “A” certified serials.

  66. vipendra says:

    this is the serial which i really most like to watch just because of the act of anandi, but now its has got the turning point in the serial.. anandi has been murdered… so sad….

    i do not know wat is going to happen next..
    but i request.. hope it ain’t so…………..

    anandi…… u rock!!…………………..

    a very tiny fan of u ..

  67. sudha says:

    the only serial i watch is balika vadhu specially anandi (avika gaur), jggya, sumitra, suguna, gahana etc.
    thanks for this serial & telling us about girls inference

  68. nandini says:

    i love this serial and also i like tiittle song.plz save anandi’s role dont kill her. we cant see this serial without anandi.

  69. NEETI says:

    here is the lyrics of the title song….just 4 simple meaningful lines

    Choti si umar parnayi re baabusa
    Karyo tharo kai me kasoor
    Itna dina to mare laad ladaaya
    Ab kyun karo mare hivde se door

    the meaning of the song:
    you got me married at a very young age dad,
    what wrong did i do to you?
    you loved me so much until so many days
    now why do you send me away from your heart?

  70. VINAY SINHA says:

    A very popular serial has lost its charm ,atleast for me,since induction of unnecwssary character “TIPRI”, making serial very cheap.Moreover though the serial is women issues based but the character of Sumitra is so weak ,that she even can’t protect her BAHU whom she treas as BETI,from MAASA,and every time she does not oppse MAASA even for right things.

  71. GAZALA ARSHAD says:

    when are you going to open the secrets of tipri who is creating a problems in the family and for what reason she is come to stay in maasa’s house.
    please disclose it in front of all her plans and
    her ideas, otherwise the serial seems to be boring it will be more exciting when tipri buwa’s secrets are going to be seen.

  72. pranjal says:

    please show only positive happenings because when anandi is hurted, i do cry in my heart .

  73. Suresh Sain says:

    I want to thank colors tv for making this serial. Child marriage is a big problem of india. In this serial all’s roll is very nice but i like Avika as Anandi and Shyam. I wanna request to all the citizens of India to view this programme as it is a step towars social awareness

  74. c.s. shahana says:


  75. Heena says:

    If anandi is turning 18 i hope it won’t be a regular saas bahu serial, full of jealously and love triangles

  76. soumya says:

    i like the serial very much
    am very sad that avika will be leaving the show
    i want to know the name of the singer who sang the title trak for the serial

  77. Rahul Sisodia From Delhi(Bakhtawarpur) says:

    Balika Vadhu is the best serials in all tv serials.Balika Vadhu is so qute and she does acting very well. I wish she always success in her life.

  78. riya says:

    i like the serial.this small girl anandi urf avika has done a great job,i wish her luck for rest of her life as well as avinash.the special thing in me and avi is that we both r bengali.and yes bengalis rocks………………………………….

  79. Aditya iyer says:

    Balika Vadhu is the best serial
    infact Balika Vadhu rocks

  80. Rhishi says:

    this is one of the best and real story of rajastani culture comparing with other daily soap’s, i relay like it.

  81. neha says:

    i love balika vadhu and most the anandi and jagadish both small and big and i want to say that anandi and jagadish jodi is the best jodi and i want that they my keep it up and all the best

  82. priti says:

    Balika vadhu is a very nice serial.I like aanadi.

  83. Sonal says:

    Really very gud serial balika vadhu shows us the courage and understanding of not only anandi but also her in laws who supports her………

  84. savita purushwani says:

    hi freinds ,
    its a wonderful serial which gives us a moral that never takes girls as burdon. The girls are those angels who tries to keep two families happy & bound them as a single family. Girls are the best creations of god as his own image. this serial gives message to society that we should follow our traditions until they are benificial otherwise we should criticise them.

  85. nitika says:

    I like rajasthani language.I also like anandi’s sasuma,bapu sa,dadi sa,tau ji,nayitai ji,sugnajiji,shyam bhai ji and jagiya is lovely and naughty boy.

  86. sumita says:

    hello ……
    i love balika vadhu serial a lot…. it’s a fantastic show…n my mom love it….
    the main lead in the show realy rocks….
    both the main leads are very good….
    i wish i could be the part of balika vadhu…

  87. Rashmi says:

    I am missing you in balika vadhu

  88. saumya rao says:

    it is a very fantastic serial i had ever hear. because it is so different because in every episode their is a meaningful message of all of us. keep going and always have a unique character like salt. it presence not felt but its absence makes everything tasteless. so we all never want that this serial will never closed otherwise its absence makes colors TV tasteless to watch………

  89. saumya rao says:

    oh god i just love this song and wanted that its crew will improve the somg at high level.

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