Jaane Kya Baat Hui

Jaane Kya Baat Hui is an Indian origin Television series which was broadcasted on Colors channel. The original run date of this show was December 1, 2008 – June 5, 2009. Shweta Tiwari was the lead actress of this show and has portrayed a stunning performance of her acting skills. The main theme of this show covers a sensitive issue of a woman finding love outside her marriage. The production team has successfully conveyed a bold message of existing double standards and rules of our society. Aradhana (Shweta) is caught up in a loveless marriage where her husband is busy with his work and other woman in his life. She accidently encounters a stranger who further in the series makes her realizes the essence of being a woman and shows her the fragrance of love and happiness. She is surrounded by family members who prosecutes her for what she aspires to do of her new hope of finding a happy life again.

Jaane Kya Baat Hui Title Song

Watch the video of the awesome title song of this Colors serial below.

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37 Responses

  1. Nigam says:

    hi thanks for posting jane kya baat hui its nice

    if possible can you also upload the instumental version of the song the guitar portion.

    and also upload the song of uttaran which is aired on colours at 1030 in eve.

  2. DEESHA JADHAV says:

    in your serial shweta tiwari i like the most now since the serial is looking very positive and on the favour of the main lead ie shweta please dont spoil the serial by showing negative shade i actually enjoy the serial


  3. jitendra says:

    I love Shweta’s acting, very much i lOVE her!

  4. zareen says:

    hi. . .its a good serial and the dress for shweta are awesome. . with touch of reality. . .no ekta kapoor types. . . over makeup and over wealthy family. . .its some thing where we all can relate ourselves. . . keep it up the good work. . . t.c

  5. anshu mishra says:

    Hello I really like the serial very much this is really the actually what happen it is very nice.

  6. Sugandha says:

    Where is the title song of this serial? Can somebody please upload the link or send me the song?

  7. kapil bharara says:

    shewta is very nice and homely in this serial she is presious in indian television plese get full song from jane kya batt hui hai pls

  8. sonakshi says:

    hi! Shweta it relates you with your real life & I like the show very much.

  9. sumita says:


  10. Manisha says:

    ya,one thing i noticed about the serial n that made me to think that i should this serial or nt that is wen sweta went in a shop for a ring n the same ring liked by the guy that was sumwhere hummmmmmmmmmm u know wat i mean…..in other way serial is mind blowing ,gud, actually7 most of the colours serials r gud compare than other channel…lets see how it goes with reality……

  11. Manisha says:

    serial is too gud do not spoil it with those things which r common in every serial……everyone in one’s chracter is so gud…shweta is looking fabulous in her role……..actually not shweta but alllllllll so keep it up it is a request 🙁 plz u can understand that what situation of the viewers have made by the serials that we r requesting not to spoil the serials ab nahi chahiye aur plastic surgery,double role

  12. Rashi says:

    Well I really like the serial a lot. Here is the story where I can see some glimpse of realness which is very much appreciable. I must appreciate all the actors of this serial who are really working hard to prove this show the best…especially Shweta who is really doing a fantastic job in the serial with her beautiful Indian traditional look. And also liking the character of Shantanu whos playing a very good role. Can anyone tell me what is his actual name? I am really falling for him day by day..!!
    And hates off to the title song of this show its just awesome but from two days its not been shown when the serial is starting…..I hope it doesnt continues…..
    I wish I could get to listen the full song everyday…
    Anyways best of luck to whole team of JKBH the show rox

  13. sneha says:

    nice serial very good background, music and ambiance.

  14. vicky panchal says:

    the serial is beautiful.and so shweta.but nowadays they stopped showing the song.it makes me very upset

  15. Anchal says:

    i am anxiously waiting for the coming twist of Shantanu and Aaradhana’s relationship.
    I love it and the boy playing Shantanu too

  16. shashank says:

    i love you shweta………….n i hate those who let u cry………..

  17. RAJINI says:

    nice serial good title song..and above all shweta tiwari’s acting and her dress sense much much better than her earlier serial.even shantanus character is really good and ofcourse his smile..pls don’t add any NEGATIVE VIBES and spoil the serial.

  18. shilpa kale says:

    it’s a very nice serial. please don’t make it off air… 🙁
    it’s not only about how a married woman, who has a blind faith in her husband and gets cheated, but it’s about the fact that if you have faith in a person. how you actually feel when he/she cheats you.
    We all would have gone through this phase in life like Aradhana
    The title song is too good…

  19. R.K.SACHDEVA says:

    We were very happy because the time of Jane Kya Baat Hui Hai was at 10.30 p.m. but now the time has been changed and we are not able to watch it. Kindly do let us know that at what time this serial repeats at night so that we can watch it in the night.

  20. Anshu says:

    Kindly change the new time as most of us are not able to catch the repeat telecasts also. Please do the needful as we don’t want to miss this serial.

  21. seema shah says:

    I just love Jaane kya baat hui serial , actors /actresses & entire crew, & the title gazal song. I m very sad as the channel as changed the timings infact a very odd timing (6:30) pm its the time when most office goers travel in train , leaving office or reaching the destination. I used to finish my household work & watch the serial it has great story & the characters playeby individual is EXCELLENT. Please atleast show a repeat telecast like how the channel shows other serials repeated umpteen time. Waiting for the changes soon & to get a favourable response. Sorry for the lengthy comment but what to do ???????

  22. sanchit says:

    awesome song

  23. anish kumar says:

    We were very happy because the time of Jane Kya Baat Hui Hai was at 10.30 p.m. but now the time has been changed and we are not able to watch it. Kindly do let us know that at what time this serial repeats at night so that we can watch it in the night.

  24. rashmi zanwar says:

    i like the serial too much but because u change the timings i am not able to watch the serial and so i am so unhappy these days. please repeat the serial in morning time from 8 to 11. i am professional lady so my duty timings are 11 to 9 so please send repeat timings of serial in morning,
    thanks lot.

  25. Ankur singh says:

    Shweta what she has done ….she is superb…her acting her eyes her role her character… everything is emmaculate. After a long time i felt like i can gain some positiveness from her character…her character is brilliant.. lots of applauds

  26. nisupta says:

    We were very happy because the time of Jane Kya Baat Hui Hai was at 10.30 p.m. but now the time has been changed and we are not able to watch it. Kindly do let us know that at what time this serial repeats at night so that we can watch it in the night. The evening time is not possible for we working women as most of are not at home at that time. The night time was apt as it is a serial which we cannot watch with kids around……..kindly air the serial at its old timing.

  27. Archana says:

    I want title song of “jane kya…”.
    I love ths gazal…

  28. ANISHTA says:


  29. soudril SALABEEA says:

    can u give a full version of the title songs jaane kia baat hui

  30. Zul says:

    Hi.I just love this song!!!!its very very very very very BEAUTIFUL!!!I really like Shantanu and Aradhna roles!and nice colours!Shantanu And Aradhna is awesome!

  31. madooree says:

    Thank u all, especially araadhna, shalendra & shantanu Araadhna is a very gud actress, she is very beautiful… This songs is really beautiful, it touches the heart…. in real life also person are like this… they have this bad thoughts on their mind nothing doing, only bite bittings… anyway.. best of luck…

  32. ashutosh says:

    hi thanks if anyone can post me the song “jane kya baat hui”. The characters in this serial are so perfect.I must share that this is happening in countless homes today where one or the other is forgetting the value of our lives and all the little little happiness of a family. Hats off dears and Jagjit Ji- you really chilled me with the song.

    Many thanks.

  33. pravin hurnaum says:

    araadhanaa is gorgeous fantastic….. title song is wonderful and the serial is top….

  34. pravin hurnaum says:

    Araadhanaa is superb and the title song is melodious

  35. vishal beeharry says:

    It’s one of the best songs,and it’s so romantic and heart touching.

  36. Goldy Ahlawat says:

    Its a fantastic song

  37. anousha says:

    Beautiful song and shantanu is very handsome.

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