There is no bond like that of sisters which is signified here in the TV series Swaragini, where two sisters Swara & Ragini battle all hurdles and problems to make sure that they save each other & their family name. Even though they are two half sisters, Swara and Ragini get to know the truth about their parents’ separation and make every effort to unite them later. Hailing from different backgrounds- Marwari and Bengali, the sisters get to face numerous problems but they somehow make sure that no harm comes to their parents or their family, despite the raging hatred between their grandmothers.

Two brothers, Laksh and Sanskaar enter the sisters’ lives. Initially, it was Ragini and Laksh who got engaged at first and decided to get together but after several conflicts, they decide to call off their marriage. As Laksh helps the sisters to reunite their parents, he starts falling for Swara who too starts to like him a lot. After a few fights & issues, they get engaged and are about to marry each other when Ragini realizes she is way too attracted to Laksh and her love becomes an undying obsession. She fakes her bond with Swara while planning to eliminate her so that she can easily marry Laksh. All this while, Sanskaar tries to harm Swara but then supports her in making sure that her evil sister Ragini is punished and she learns her lesson well. Even after several problems and Ragini’s on and off evil mode that casts a dark shadow over the family’s name and future, Swara constantly brings her sister back to good & with the power of love for each other and their family, they manage to fend off any or all issues in the family for their protection. The story clearly shows how even step siblings can come together & love each other in a limitless manner.

Title Song of Swaragini
This beautiful melody is the main title song and main background song of this serial. This music will stay with you throughout the series.

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