Kundali is Indian-produced television opera which originally aired on the Metro Gold under the DD Metro in year 2002.  As the channel was not so popular and due to many other reasons it was closed. After channel closed, series was over taken by the STAR Plus, and is aired from beginning. Due to the popularity of this serial among audiences, this series is re-airing currently on the TV Asia channel into USA, each Friday at 8pm. This series is being produced by very popular production house of Indian television, Balaji Telefilms, and is directed by the Ekta Kapoor.
This story centers on 2 sisters, Aarti and Vidhi whose lives governed by their parent decision for getting them married to the grooms whose horoscope perfectly match theirs. Excellent delineation of the characters and great story base is about Kundali. Only inconvenience is confusion in the characters. Most of characters take up also cast into other serials of the Balaji telefilms, hence people gets confused about characters; especially characters enacted by Prashanth Bhatt.

Kundali Title Song

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