Kya Dil Mein Hai

Kya Dil Mein Hai
Kya Dil Mein Hain is yet another soap opera from Balaji Telefilms, produced by Ekta Kapoor. The show was aired on 9X channel during the weekends for a running time of 1 hour. This is the second show by Ekta kapoor for 9X channel. The story is about a Bengali girl named Kakoon and her journey in her life. She meets Anurag, the lead character of the story, at a railway station. Kakoon misunderstands Anurag to be her brother-in-law and takes him with her to their home. When the air is cleared, the family members ask Anurag to stay in their house to cover the wedding as he is a photographer.

Kya Dil Mein Hai Title Song

More about this serial: Though the serial run for a short period, it did attain good TRP’s as it was aired during the prime time slot and in weekends. The story then continues with Anurag falling in love with Kakoon. He tries his best to express Kakoon. She slowly falls for him and they both are in love. But, the twist only comes when Kakoon’s grandfather asks Kakoon to marry the guy whom he has chosen. How they fight for their love and how they convince their parents is the rest of the story.

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28 Responses

  1. savat says:

    kya dill main hai best title song

  2. sameena says:

    best serial as well as kya dill mein hai has the best title song

  3. deep joshi says:

    i know aamir ali malik family ground i am a big fan he is a good actor i know his id .best wishes aamir bhaiya and his family

  4. nusrath says:

    good title song

  5. Rehena begum says:

    Me and my sister watch Kya dil mein hai and we are hooked. Its great and i think the character rahul is fit.

  6. [b]zainab sheikh says:

    thanks show it’s amazing and Rahul is too cool.

  7. salma says:

    hey i really love to watch the next episode of kya dil mein hai

  8. Amritesh says:

    Excellent show i like the theme music and song

  9. Sharmin says:

    Me and my mum aliked the film kya dil main hai and Amir ail is so fit i mean rahul………

  10. kriti says:

    i simply love the show…the title song is so dreamy and beauti’ful!!!

  11. sanna says:

    i love this drama and hope it carries on… but i don’t want the 20 year leap to take place and kakun n aamir are great to watch together. They are a true couple……..

  12. navin sharma says:

    i love this show

  13. UmaNidhi says:

    the song is awesome…….
    i loved rahul on the screen…. cool guy…..

  14. avinash says:

    i love this song.this song is my favouirite song

  15. suchi says:

    i simply like the was good show……..

  16. neha says:

    i really like the show. but they have stop giving new episodes. its very bad.

  17. Anushka Ghaley says:


  18. shabana says:

    Beautiful song, one of my Favourite song and i will never forgot this song in my life…..

  19. remya says:

    I like its Title Song and characters of Rahul and Kakoon. Its a touching love story.

  20. nivedita says:

    i just love aamir ali as in anuraag’s role he was amazing and i love kaakun and aamir’s couple they both look complete together

  21. vishakha says:

    i love this serial very much, kakun and rahul(rakun) is the best loving couple. i like aaamir ali malik also abigali jain both r awesome, romentic, naughty, sweet, coolest, quet, about this serial its story is very realistic and touchable for heart so, its very close to me atlast, please restart this show very soon and complete its story in a happiest way. i lv both (rakun) very much and hope they will see very soon togetther in ohter serials.

  22. ROHIT FROM AKOLA says:

    please show kya dil mein hai at 10pm to 11pm on 9x on DTH

  23. ROHIT FROM AKOLA says:

    please show kya dil mein hai on 9x at 10pm-11pm on dth.
    u show this serial at 2am in the night.we use to see this serial from starting & suddenly 9x was deleted from DTH and a stupid channnel named mahuaa camed.We had seen the last episode that naina’s moms mother camed & we had not seen it after that.
    again when 9x was back on DTH the serial continued upto that & now the serial was shifted at 2am in the night.So its my heartly request to u to show the remaining episodes at 10pm to 11pm….

  24. Sweta says:

    Awesome serial… Anurag and Kakoon ars the most sweetest couples..

  25. harsh raj says:

    hi ekta kdmh is the best love story then why you stop it plz reply it

  26. Raveena says:

    how can i downlaod kya dil mai hai song..?

  27. Bharat mane says:

    Nice song

  28. barbe says:

    so beautiful song as well as drama

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