M.B.B.S. Se Hatke Lovology Mein Atke. Dill mill gaye is a TV demonstrattion which airs on Star One. . Dill mill gayye is a series two of sanjeevani.

About Dill Mill Gayye Show

Dill Mill Gayye show is all about the learned youth. The show is based on a hospital and is all about the stuffs like love, dramas and everything that encounters in the lives of the doctors. The story depicts real life in many norms. Once you start watching it, you will never miss any of the episodes. All the incidents and plays that come in the story have no exaggerations and moreover they portray real life. This does not mean it is a mere emotional stuff. Fun and humor is included in the show. The heroine in this is a young girl aged 21 years. She is fully stuffed with dreams, aspirations and ambitions. She loves to be a part of entertainment always. In addition, she is struggling hard to fulfill her dream to become a doctor. But things become upside down due to her sincerity and honesty. She strives hard to go through all tough situations due to her good behavior. Now, this girl called Ridhimma is an exceptional girl with too much good qualities and she is very competent in achieving her goal. Other than Ridhimma, there are other characters that are as important as her; all of them portray various aspects of Indian life. Yes, characters like Anjali, playing a negative role, and another boy called Armaan who is aimed at impressing his girl friend Gujrati all appear like real, living characters that are seen around us. Atul is the hero of girls and of course there is a girl called Sapna from an average family too to add fun and color to the story. Again two fresh characters were introduced in the month of January called Rahul and Muskan. Now, these two boys simply fight for silly reasons. They are form Punjab and they too are here to be esteemed doctors of the future. These six central characters besides Ridhimma portrays the various norms of life mainly of the young, all the through their goods and bads. The new Ridhima is also seen in Pyaar Ki Yeh Ek Kahani serial which is also on Star One with similar genre.

Dill Mill Gayye Songs

For more info about the songs of this serial and how to get them please visit India-Forums.com or Official Star One Site. Available Songs and Background Music of Dill Mill Gayye

  1. DMG Title Tracks High Quality
    • DMG Title Track
    • DMG Title Track (Without Lyrics)
    • DMG Whistle
    • DMG Title Song – Sad Version
  2. Asmani Rang Ho (All versions) HQ (High Quality)
    • Asmani Rang Ho – Male Version
    • Asmani Rang – Female Version
    • Asmani Rang (Plain Tune)
    • Asmani Rang (Rain Version) Male and Female
    • Asmani Rang (Without Lyrics)
  3. Ishq Leta Hai Kaise Imtehan – High Quality
    • Ishq Leta Hai
    • Ishq Leta Hai Full Song Version 1
    • Ishq Leta Hai Full Song Version 2
  4. DMG Background Tunes in High Quality
    • Tune when Armaan and Ridhima come closer-
    • Tune comes when Dr. Sapna’s starts dreaming
    • Arman’s Theme
    • Sad Tuning when there is some serious accident and Ridhima cries
    • Tuning comes when Arman and Ridhima think of each other
    • Tuning comes usually at romantic and dreamy scenes
    • This is the sad tuning of Arman and Ridhima
    • This is the main Armaan’s theme when Ridhima comes close to him
Some New DMG Songs

Kirti Shubhankar Tune Rahul Muskan Tune Abhimanyu Ridhima Tune* *Tune which comes when Abhimanyu Sees Ridhima Download All these Songs now. Visit Dill Mill Gayye MP3 Songs Download

Dill Mill Gayye Characters:


  1. Dr Ridhima Gupta- She is young, and 21 years old. She is like any other cute girl who is lovable and kind. She never wants to hurt anyone. She strives a lot to be in the good books of all the people she meets. Apart, she wants to please her father whose name is Shashank Gupta. So, she really works hard in medical field to make her father pride with joy. This young girl is quite witty and she has a modern prospective on each thing she encounters. Above all that she respects Indian culture. She knows to calm down and never keeps grudges in her mind. She is so attached to Anjali and does anything for her. This again back ups her strong individuality. She does subsequently for the reason that her nature is acquiescent to everything. Snajeevani does not like her for silly reasons.
  2. Dr. Armaan Malik- This guy is 22 year old, and he stands for the new-fangled man. He is self-assured, well-organized, mischievous and infrequently even haughty. He is as well tremendously good-looking and offers the notion of being a flirt. He takes pleasure in female friendship and builds no bones about the truth that he has a deteriorating knee outcome on women. He is accustomed to being the midpoint of female concentration and in addition is familiar with how to maintain that notice when he does take delivery of it. Armaan arrives from a well off family and has by no means sought after for anything money-oriented ever in his life. Except the sophisticated and convinced peripheral lies a focused doctor, whose one and only aim is to come out of the shame of being the son of an alcoholic anaesthesiologist.
  3. Dr. Anjali Gupta- Again Anjali is 22. She is Shashank’s first daughter and is one who has her own ideals and believes. This woman is exceptionally beautiful and at the same time she never wants to exploit her beauty. She is quite brainy and knows how to handle each and everything that comes at her pace. She cannot be called a good doctor, but her aim is to be the head of organization. She does not want her sister Anjali to be the shining start everywhere. She wants to overcome her and get the charge of everything. Anjali’s scheming methods are most understandable in the mode she levers her sister Riddhima.
  4. Dr. Atul Joshi- A delightful character and he is a sort of guy that every women wish to have. He is a high-quality natured, laid-back boy, who has turned out to be a doctor to carry out the wish of his deceased father, who is a component of Sanjeevani alumni. His father loved Sanjeevani and Shashank Gupta. Now, the son has taken up this job of his father and is too sincere to the authority. He is so innocent and wishes to talk like the girls. He comes to noticed that certain people cannot be altered and later goes according to them for the matter of fact to survive.
  5. Dr. Sapna Shah- She is an undemanding girl yet from a realistically rich Gujrati family circle. She is the smallest among the three daughters and her father for all time was optimistic and supported her to do what she sought after. She never wished to be like her sisters who got married early and later struggling with their husbands and naughty children. So she decided to have a fixed career for her to stand stable. Moreover, she never wanted to get married. Her mother is domineering and she is forever and a day annoying to make reasons for her mother’s over dominant and affectionate over treat. She obtains a box filled of Gujrathi food, big and adequate to feed all her colleagues. The next thing she hates is to leave early on weekends to encounter her potential match. She has already been married and not more in Dill Mill Gayye show.
  6. Dr. Muskaan- Muskaan Chadda is a youthful fellow of Sanjeevani as of from Amritsar (Punjab). She connects the additional interns afterward in Sanjaavani. Being a methodical Punjabi at spirit however contemporary at compassion, Muskaan’s clothing describes her approach headed for life.
  7. Dr. Rahul- He is an elegant, attractive and unruffled guy like Armaan and is an innovative intern in Sanjeevani from Amritsar. This guy is always a piece of joke to everyone. However, he loved a girl called Sonia. The position for Rahul is acted by Mayank Anand.
  8. Dr. Nikita- She is a modern girl who has charmness,cute smile,style and an ability to impress to anyone by her appearance. She has come Sanjeevani afterwards and joined the additional interns. She is an old college friend of Armaan. Her dress style is just like a modern girl. This role is played by Shweta Tiwari.

Dill Mill Gayye Video Gallery

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Other DMG Tunes

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