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After the popular TV Based show Dill Mill Gayye star one is back with a hip and happening TV Serial Miley Jab Hum Tum. The show based one the lives of the young youth, about college life filled with love and fun. The show is mainly on the spectacular journey of the 6 main characters, who are made to fall in love for the 1st time and experience it’s joys. The story becomes cool when the cultures clash, that is, the cool and happening Mumbaite crowd falls in love with the sweet and innocent small town crowd. The story revolves around 6 main college students, Gunjan by Sanaya, Nupur by Rati, Samrat played by Mohit Sehgal, Mayank by Arjun Bijlani, Dia by Navina Bole and Uday by Jas Karan.

One of the most awaited TV series for a while is “Miley Jab Hum Tum” which will start airing tonight on Star One. This show promises to showcase the life of college kids which is a perfect mix of hopes, aspirations, dreams, coolness and their share of fights and troubles too.

Miley Jab Hum Tum Story

Miley Jab Hum Tum
The story starts off with the Diya (The Diva of the college) whose life is perfect and full of fun until her two cousins Nupur and Gunjan come to live with her in Mumbai. After their arrival, nothing is perfect anymore because she is embarrassed of her cousins mainly because they come from a small town and don’t know much about life in Mumbai, and, in simple words, they are not Cool and refreshing.

So she secretly plans with her brother Uday to make life of her cousins hell in college and at home to make them go back to their small town. Hence, when cousins arrive in Mumbai, one of the worst welcome is awaiting them.

Nupur and Gunjan come to Mumbai which is a dream city for millions of youngsters to find their own little dream’s and make a career out of their college education. But once here they realize the challenges of living in a big city which is tough and made more tougher by her cousins Diya and Uday who don’t want Nupur and Gunjan staying in Mumbai even for a day. The story showcases the sisters in a subtle way where both sisters are different from each other while still saving each others back from an unfriendly college. Nupur is a go-getter and risk taker while Gunjan is a simple and old fashioned responsible girl, there are many similarities between the two sisters too.

The mild and the introvert Gunjan will find a special place for herself in a big city life and gets attracted to one guy she fears…who is a college hero…one guy who somehow becomes a part of the fight between Diya and her because both of them love him. Samrat is the guy who Gunjan falls in love with and who she thinks is perfect for her.

The Bubbly and charming Nupur meanwhile faces a reality check where from a famous girl in her small town to being a nobody in a big city starts to make her sad. She starts to view life differently and falls in a love-hate relationship with Mayank who is a mix of fire and ice. Nupur eventually starts loving the guy whom she hates every day of her college. He eventually becomes a balance which completes Nupur.

The series promises to show a spectacular journey into the college life where it tries to show some of the most memorable moments of college like first love, heart breaks, cherished desires and fights too. Every young and old will identify himself/herself with at least one of the characters in the series.
Enjoy the excitement, fun, dhamaal, emotions on the brand new youth based show Miley Jab Hum Tum.

Watch Miley Jab Hum Tum Monday to Friday on Star One at 9:00PM.

Miley Jab Hum Tum Songs

Some songs and the tunes have been added. More are updated as the show proceed similar to Pyaar Ki Yeh Ek Kahani Songs.

  • Title Song
  • Gunjan’s Background Tune
  • MJHT Violen Tune
  • Nupur’s Backgorund Tune
  • Gunjan’s Song (Yeh Zindagi…)
  • And Many more…..

Song updates:

Gunjan’s Song-Yeh Zindagi (Talent Parade Version)

Diwali Episode Background Tunes (Nov 20)

Background Tune 1 (Nupur and Mayank Wishing Each Other and enjoying crackers)
Background Tune 2 (Gunjan, Samrat, Mayank Nupur, Dia dream of each other)

More Tunes
Dia’s Background Tune
Kya Hua Ye MJHT Song
Samrat’s Song

Some of the songs can be downloaded from Mediafire Link. For all other songs songs visit


Diya is a star of her college. She is the hottest and most happening girl of the college. All the boys in the college are all mesmerized over her which makes other girls in college jealous of Diya. She carries herself with great confidence and is a trendsetter of sorts. She has a huge crush on Samrat while he does not think of her as his girl friend and hangs out with her only as a friend. Diya uses Uday to get her things done, she also has a bunch of assistants who follow her everywhere.


Uday is a younger brother of Diya, he was born exactly 1 min after Diya was born. So she is his elder sister and that is the reason she bullies him around. Uday looks like a strong character from outside but he is a sissy in real, he is afraid of cockroaches, dark, his sister and also Samrat. He is well built and that gives him a reason to bully other people in college when Diya is not around.

Video gallery

Here is the video gallery of Miley Jab Hum Tum. Watch unlimited videos here for free. The album gets updates from youtube and ads latest videos automatically hence always updated. You can also watch daily episodes of Miley Jab Hum tum simple by searching ‘MJHT DATE Part 1,2 or3′ Replace date by the actual date of which you want to see episodes. For example, if you would like to watch epsode of 5Th Oct Part 1 then search ‘MJHT Oct 5 Part 1′ and you will get derided results. For full screen and better browsing Visit youtube.

Buzzworld has withdrawn Video extracts from youtube for Miley Jab Hum Tum but you can still visits youtube and watch videos.

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