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Shakuntala is heart-warming fairytale which is about Shakuntala and the King named Dushyant’s. It is a romantic love story. This series premiered on 2nd of February 2009 and aired till 6th July 2009. The romantic and tender, fairy tale of King Dushyant and Shakuntala has become synonym of love into India. Shakuntala was in fact the daughter of the celestial Apsara who was named Menaka and the Sage named Vishwamitra. She was abandoned and left by her parent right after she born.
The Sage Kanva found the baby, and gives this baby refuge in ashram and raises her like his daughter. When Shakuntala grows up, she becomes very very beautiful and is compared with goddess. The King, Dushyant meets Shakuntala is surprised to see someone as beautiful as Shakuntala. He falls in love with her and want to win his heart. He tries his best to get her to approve him and even gives his ring ie a Royal seal to her. This story is form of love which is very pure and between the souls, full of emotion and attachment.

Songs of Shakuntala

The show started on Feb 2 and the 1st song up is the song from the promo that aired on star one on Feb 2.
The song is as- “….kal bhi tha aur aaj bhi hai, yeh duniya prem ki duniya hai…..shakuntala..”

Title Song of Shakuntala

Watch the title song, theme or promo song of this serial below.

(2) Shakuntala sweet background Tune and many more tunes

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