Shararat is a magical comedy serial that was first aired on STAR Plus India, and it has been airing on TV Asia channel USA and is currently being aired on Disney Channel India and also on Star One. About the show- Once upon a time a woman by name of Rani Devi gained the blessings of a holy sage because of her acts of charity and kindness.The sage granted her with a boon of magical powers, which would be handed down to each daughter in the generations coming up. Some funny magic and a small story in every episode makes it interesting to watch and hard to skip. It is repeated from time to time on other Star Channel (like Star Utsav) also.

Title Song

This show is actually my childhood favorite. I used to watch each and every episode. The funny magic along with crazy humor made sure that i had a constant smile the full 30 minutes.

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3 Responses

  1. sangeetha says:

    TV sreials are not comming I am getting bored day by day.

  2. kanika says:

    i like this serial and i never miss a single episode of shararat

  3. Gitashree says:

    I like this serial too much…. I don’t wanna miss any episode. Please upload the episodes where Neel and Bebo both are there. I searched, but couldn’t get.. thank you.

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