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Bidaai (Sapna Baabul Ka… Bidaai) is one the most popular shows in India. IT has high TRPs, good music and excellent characters. The storyline is also great. It is ranked at no. 10 in top 10 Shows of Star Plus. This serial aired from 9 October 2007 to 13 November 2010. Due to huge success it has been translated and is now being aired in Afghan. The serial was produced by Rajan Shahi and directed by Rajan Shahi, Romesh Kalra and Sunand Kumar.

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Piya o Sawariya

The story of Bidaai is about two sisters, Ragini and Saadhna, where one of them is black and other is white and beautiful. Both of them love each other a lot in spite of their color differences. The story of about how the face colors change their life when it comes to marriage. The story is somewhat similar to Vivaah which was a Bollywood Moie starring Amrita Rao. After many episodes, a new story is started of seven years later in which Saadhna is dead. Again Khushi and Tamanna (Tammy) are two girls with color difference. One of them is black and one is fair skinned.

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50 Responses

  1. surbhi says:

    It rocks. Keep it up.

  2. Naseem-Nazima says:

    My mother & me just luv to watch a single show that is Bidaii…We like All the characters but specially RAGINI & RANVIR with AALEKH & SADHANA..Can I get contact number of Ragini & RAnvir…????

  3. Dolly says:

    Hello Star Team,

    I like the show Bidaai very much as i only watch very few programes but Bidaai is one of my favourate. Including my mom and my dad. my brother had also taken interest to watch this serial.
    I like the character of Alek his acting is amazing n real, please don’t change his character.
    “BIDAAI” is the best serial.

  4. manisha says:

    I like all character of this serial. But i very much like the Ranbir’s character.Please give me Ranbir’s ID & birth date. OK. bye!

  5. Amjad Shair says:

    bidaai is so beautifull serial my family like it and his story is very simple two sisters are very beautifull sadhna and ragni sadhna is very humbel gril and ragni is very sweet i like parul chuhaan

  6. anamika says:

    it is very good show in *+. bidaai is 1 of my fav.i love aalekh character and saadhna is to sweet wife in this serial. and ranbir is a good actor in this serial actually that time i was very happy when ranbir gave the name to ragini (ANAMIKA).its very fantastic serial &don’t change any character plz…..

  7. manmeet kaur says:

    Bidaai team, its Manmeet, I always watch bidaai, I’m very fond of, I love Aalekh, I am also from Chandigarh…

  8. shanzay says:

    First of all this drama is rocks.Sadhna,Ragini,Ranvir & Alekh all are my favourites.

  9. sudharani says:

    I like very much this serial sadhana is so beautiful. I like this story. Sadhana please don’t cry. when you cry i will also cry with you. Ranvir you are so cute. I am fan of you. Can u give me phone number. I want to have your friendship please

  10. abiha says:

    hey bidai team. As your serial takes whole 1 hour … please make it half hour…and alek your acting is mind blowing and sara (sadhna) your real hair are so beautiful I don’t know why you apply that stupid wig.
    KEEP IT UP!!!

  11. pallavi kataria says:

    I love alot to see this serial and want Ranbir like my husband who cares for family and her lover.

  12. Tanya says:

    Hello ,
    Bidaai team Its tanya from london . I never missed any part of this serial. I just watch one indian serial and that is Bidaai. Its one of my favourite serial . I like ranbir’s character very much, he is so cool. Can i have his id and phone number please. I will be really thankful for this .

  13. Pallavi says:

    Bidaai Serial is good.
    All the characters are good, especially Ranbir is So cute &
    acting very good.
    Can I get his contact no or E-mail Id?

  14. pranshi says:

    I like all character of this serial. But I very much like the Ranvir’s character .Please give me Ranvir’s ID & birth date if possible.

  15. Madhulika says:

    I like Alik,Ragini and Sadna alot mainly i love Ranveer because i feel he looks very handsome.

  16. Wasim Tareen says:

    I love Ranvir,Alekh,Sahdna and Ragni very much.

  17. Manjula says:

    Hi Star Team,
    Bidaai is favorite serial for me and my mom.

  18. Bikash Tiwari (Ramnager,Pratapgarh) says:

    I Like This Serial. All the Characters are very good,and in this serial we got lots of additional information about life.

  19. shilpa says:

    I like Bidaai serial very much.

  20. asgar says:

    Hi Bidaai team your serial is so good.

  21. Sneha says:

    I like every one in the show. It’s a complete package where we see love, respect, emotions, drama etc. I like the title song very much. I hope that this show will entertain the audience.

  22. juhi says:

    bidai is the only serial which even my father started to watch.he hate daily soaps but it’s really surprising that he is addicted to bidai.and the sadhna’s character is really good.she is so genuine and so good nature.well done bidai team.exellent job


    i like this serial very much.i love ragini and ranveer.
    i love to watch bidaai serial full 1 hour,sadhna is also good,
    but i love my sweet ragini,.

  24. HARISH says:

    hai,this is hari from dubai,i love bidaai serial.I LOVE RAGINI
    AND ranveer.good serial upto now.good luck.

  25. ANWARIYARS says:

    I realy love this program, And l am in Afghanistan in here all the people watches this lovely serial. Ta! Hgf

  26. ali raza says:

    This drama is very beautiful.

  27. Kshamta ,Ajmer says:

    Hi i like Bidai very much specily Shlok & sadhna.

  28. salma says:

    i like sadhna so much.and akshara is my best.



  30. KARISHMA says:

    My family ”STAR”
    i m very craz about the serial “BIDAI’.I look daily i never miss any episode of BIDAI
    i love bidai too much i love, sadna,ragini,alek,&ofcouse ranbir and all bidai team

  31. Mahesh paliwal says:

    I like this serial and I see daily time to time

  32. seema says:

    hey… i just love this TV program!

  33. shikha jain says:

    I like sadhna and ragini.

  34. shehziab quyoom says:

    my family like this serial very much . I look daily i never miss any episode of bidai i love bidai very much.

  35. Kashif says:

    I love Bidai drama serial.

  36. smruti says:

    Hi to all Biddai team
    I love all the characters in the show as they are so real.
    They play the characters with so much of ease that I sometimes forget that it is just a TV show.
    So please keep going.

  37. pawan says:

    Hi I am Pawan and I live in Rishikesh
    I watch daily your serial.

  38. meera says:

    I like very much ‘BIDDAI’ I am very thankful to star team . I am living in Kerala . I like Parul and i like her character No words to tell my love please give Parul’s email id , send my email address please. I never miss use it . Promise . So please contact my Parul.

  39. shifi says:

    I like Bidaai most because of the love and care shown in this program regarding others which is very rare these days. This is the best family serial. Negativity is a part of life. Bad people are also welcome but in a nut shell, this serial inspires people to see inner beauty in spite of outer looks.

  40. Mahesh paliwal says:

    Thank you star plus and all the best for future time!

  41. Sumit Khadwal says:

    I love Bidaai very much. Ragini-Ranvir, Sadhna-Alekh are brilliant match. I love all of them.

  42. NEETU SINGH says:


  43. aqsa says:

    This serial is good . I like Sara so much. I want her number or e-mail.

  44. baraishna says:

    amazing serial keep it up

  45. vrushali says:

    I like Ragini very much. she is just amazing good looking.

  46. neer says:

    I like bidaai serial. I like sadhana ragini & alik & ranveer.

  47. Mazher Abbas Malik says:

    Thanks to star plus for playing juicy dramas like Bidai.i really like this drama.this is the 1 & only drama.

  48. Mohit says:

    Bidaai title song is the most wonderful song all over india.

  49. archana says:

    I had ever seen such a wonderful serial. I would like to watch the second part of this serial with the same characters……….

  50. archana says:

    I like sadhana character very much

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