Kasturi Title Song

Kasturi is yet another soap opera that is produced by soap opera queen, Ekta Kapoor from their Balaji Telefilms circuit. The serial was first aired in the year 2007 on star plus. After a successful running for about 2 years, the show came to an end in the year 2009. Kasturi reached the spot of no.8 on Star TV top 10 television serials and title song was also quite a hit. The story is about Kasturi Chawla, who hails from a well to do middle class family. She works for a famous rockstar – Robbie Sabharwal, after she graduates from university.
Both the lead characters were portrayed interestingly. Both Kasturi and Robbie start off with a rough path. They have developed a disliking for each other due to their varying cultures, financial status and morals. Though they each fall in love as time passes by, their relationship is short lived as misunderstanding crop up between them. Raunak, friend of Robbie on the other hand tries his luck with Kasturi and soon proposes her. Many events take place where Robbie tries to come back to Kasturi even though she has been married to Raunak. An incident occurs where Raunak dies in an accident. Kasturi thinks Robbie is the sole reason and marries him to take revenge. How the plot unfolds and how Kasturi is betrayed is the rest of the story.


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