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Kavyanjali is the new daily serial that is aired on Star plus television channel. This is yet another show that has captured audiences from different parts of the country. Produced by Balaji Telefilms, the story revolves around the character Kavya Nanda. The main theme is around the story that two lovers never meet inspire their souls love each other deeply. Circumstances and situations created around the two lovers make them to stay separately even though they love deeply. The show and its title song is positioned at no. 6 on the star plus all-time top 10 serials list.
Kavya Nanda, the heir to the Nanda group of company’s returns to India after a span of 5 years. On the day of his arrival at Shimla, he falls for a girl who offers him a lift in the snow filled weather. He falls in love at the first sight and there are even many other acquaintances before a shock filled situation occurs before his eyes. The girl dies in front of his eyes in an accident. Kavya then sets out in search for the same face and fate has something else written in his store. How the story moves ahead is the real story of the serial.

Kavyanjali Title Song

Song Name- Title Song (Woh Mile The….)
Album- Star Parivaar 2005

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13 Responses

  1. Niket raj says:

    i love this song too much

  2. Sifat says:

    Lovely Song

  3. mohit says:

    this song rocks.
    it touches the strings of my heart.
    i love this song

  4. tushar says:

    it was a very good soap please restart as part2

  5. nitin says:

    this was really nice songs

  6. PRIYA says:


  7. shalini says:

    it matches my real life emotions! i just love this song!

  8. suhale says:

    Very sweet song.

  9. saad says:

    Yar its so beautiful and heart beat song.

    Really Fantastic

  10. neha says:

    it realy touch my heart…
    i love this song ………

  11. vinay says:

    first of all i want to say that,The STAR PLUS Statplus* it is a realistic star. i want to send all the viewer of the show the most beautiful story kavyanjali such a great love story and it’s my fav. because to inspite of this story . i also love a most beautiful girl her name is monika and she looks like just copy of anjali her behvior, activities. i like so much but such the story of kavyanjali. her love story dosn’t rich to her place . my story is now that time i read in nineth class
    today tommrow yesterday and always i love you monika….
    i always thanks to starplus and i request to u plese start this serial on your channel…. it’s request of all lover …………thanks……

  12. AADI says:

    I think it is a heart beat song…
    then you are alone this song match of you…. i really like it songs by heart…

  13. vijaya says:

    I realy like this song

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