Kayamath is a daily serial that is aired on Star plus after the prime slot. The show revolves around four characters Praachi, Milind, Neev and Ayesha. Praachi is married to Milind under circumstances though she does not like him. She then carries her daily duties and responsibilities by sacrificing her happiness. Ayesha on the other hand, who loves Milind, tries to create rift between Praachi and Milind. She is married to Neev. The story mostly revolves around Praachi as she tries to face every hurdle in her life. The chemistry between Neev and Praachi has been well acclaimed and Kayamath songs make it perfect.
Panchi Vora, lead role player for the character Praachi has received many awards for her role in the serial. The story did catch attention of the soap opera watchers around the country. Basically the attention created was due to the beautiful chemistry that Neev and Praachi carried out and secondly due to the strong story line. Circumstances change Praachi’s life drastically and she will have to face different challenges and misunderstanding that Ayeesha creates between her and Milind. The main theme is about love and its changing colors according to different relationships. It is a must watch serial for every drama oriented audience.

Kayamath Songs

  • Title Track

  • Background Tune
  • Chaha Humne Tujhe (Full Song)

  • Kaymath Sad Music

  • Praachi’s Mom’s Music

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  1. Sifat says:


  2. rishi says:

    i love u rishi.
    i lovest kayamath
    i was very nices prachi.
    i lovest kayamth song.

  3. ahmed says:

    prachi is the most pretty girl in star plus dramas

    nice drama too!

  4. UMANG says:

    i like a prachi………………….
    & my favourite serial is kayamath

  5. vikas says:

    i like prachi
    i love prachi
    like kaymath song
    prachi is the very nice girl

  6. Yasser says:

    i like prachi and neev…

  7. Yasser says:

    i also like its theme songs…

  8. aruna says:

    its very nice

  9. ABHIJIT says:

    i like Milind’s acting

  10. Anonymous says:

    good but excellent!

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