Kis Desh Mein Hai Mera Dil

kis desh mein hai mera dil
Kis Desh Mein Hai Mera Dil is a story about Lalit and Balraj, two close friends and the promise that transcends to Prem and Heer, their children. Balraj dies, and Lalit thinks that Heer is dead as well. But in fact she was alive and living in the same house. Balwant, who is Balraj’s younger brother use his death as a good opportunity to make marriage of his daughter Ashlesa to Prem. But, Prem the leas falls in love with Heer and story goes on…
This Show was aired from March 3 2008 to Feb 5 2010 under banner of Balaji Telefilms and directed by Ekta Kapoor.
The title song of Kis Desh Mein Hai Mera Dil is also very popular.

Title Song

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26 Responses

  1. Crimson_Blush says:


    Can you guys please post the song that came on in kdmhmd carkha mera rang la (sad)

  2. admin says:

    Hello all,
    The link to the song is already added. Please click ‘Here’ in pink color with the information and content to download.

  3. eraero says:

    please make the website more elaborative, i dont find more than one song

  4. Leena says:

    heer is my favorite drama person

  5. PUNIT says:

    I like this serial very much, & also like Heer & Prem.
    I want this title song!

  6. Rabia says:

    Hi i like heer and prem couple and i like drama kis des mein hai dil.heer-prem is my favourte couple from all indian channels.i love heer and prem.

  7. sonu says:

    this is my favourite serial

  8. sangeeta kushwaha says:


  9. thrupthi says:

    this serial is very nice i love this serial

  10. Adrita Chakravorty says:

    This serial is very very interesting to watch but the saddest thing is that from the 5th Aug 09 it can be viewed at 2.30 pm which is a very inconvenient time for me because i’m at work at that time. After the hard days work it was really very interesting to watch the serial. Could you kindly continue showing the serial at the same time please?

  11. yogitha shetty says:

    This is my Favourite serial. I like to watch Prem in this serial. But im very unhappy because from 5th august the timing is changed ie 2.30pm in afternoons. As im working i cant watch it. So this is my humble request to continue showing the serial at the same time ie.8.30pm.

  12. Rajesh shetty says:

    Hi this is Rajesh. This is my families favourite serial. I just wait for this serial to start at evening after coming from my duty. But this im writing on behalf of me & my family to request you to please continue the serail at the same timing as before. We are not at all interest in the new serial now showing. So we request you to show the serial at the same time in evenings not afternoons.

  13. Yogitha shetty says:

    This is my Favourite serial. I like watching prem in this serial. but im unhappy from the timings been changed. As im working i cant watch the serial. So please this is my humble request to continue showing the serail the same time ie. at 8.30pm

  14. Megna shah says:

    I love this serial very much .

  15. sathya says:

    I like prem very much.This is my favourite serial.

  16. Rasik Attarde says:

    This is my favourite serial.

  17. priyanka says:

    the serial is very nice ,but their is only one problem . that it is coming in the afternoon time. the serial is very nice

  18. ankita says:

    I love this serial

  19. anita says:

    This is my favourite serial.

  20. aisha says:

    We like the serial very much. But the new time is really inconvenient for us. The new one is really boring.

  21. rahul says:

    this is my loving serial because in this serial heer and prem are best couple.i love it.

  22. sirin sultana says:

    i like this serial very much

  23. sanaya says:

    Hi guys please tell me how to download more songs rather than the title song here?

  24. sanaya says:

    Hi guys.I like you Prem and Heer.

  25. Athisda G. says:

    KDMHMD was and still is adored by fans because of the characters of Prem,Heer & Preet.
    The chemistry between the following characters were very unique: Prem & Heer as eternal lovers or Prem & Preet as best brothers(like Ram/Lakshman) or Gayatri(at the beginning) & Prem as the step mother and step son.
    This show stood out from all the other Hindi serial because of the contribution of all of the cast and crew especially the late director Gary Bhinder who made this show a memorable one.

    Special thanks to the behind the scene people:
    Producer Ekta Kapoor for the concept & story
    Late director Gary Bhinder & ex creative head Vikas Gupta whose vision made the show a beautiful one.

  26. arman says:

    hi prem and heer i am your biggest fan. i want to see your jodi in reality life

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