Kora Kagaz - TV
I hope Kora Kagaz is known to you all. It was a TV Serial that used to come on Star Plus 3-4 years back which was presented by Nina Gupta.. The lead role of this Hindi Drama Series is played by Renuka Sharma. The story is based on struggle, compromise, pain and tears that she got in her life. If the story was real then hats of to the character of sense of understandability and patience in her life. She was living in a happily married family with children until her Husband started having affair. Earlier she had no idea that her husband was having an affair but later he moved in with his girl friend and left his family causing a lot of paint to his children and wife. But she stood herself and raised herself, and the story of Kora Kagaz kept running.

Kora Kagaz Title Song

Very nice song as ‘ Zindagi Kuchh to Bata…. Kora Kaagaz… ‘


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