Sach Ka Saamna

Sach Ka Saamna on Star Plus

Sach Ka Saamna is the latest reality show which is introduced by Star Plus channel and the telecast of the program was started from 15th July ’09. And they are planning to telecast this program in each week days from Monday to Friday at 10.30 pm (Indian time). Since this is a live program which has a different type of approach, the producers of the program hope this will hit the industry and the channel in a very short period of time. However as at now, they have broadcasted couple of programs from start of the program and they have provided satisfactory results accordingly.

Anyway the presenters and the producers of the program have the equal share of responsibility to keep the program alive and interactive. Since this is a live telecasting program, this interactivity is the key point to keep the program on the top of similar type programs available. Therefore all the team has to work a bit harder than a pre-recorded drama or a program. However with compare to the results showed during the first episodes of the program, we can predict that the program has a good future and it will perform better accordingly.

Also, Sach Ka Saamna is linked with lots of celebrities and it makes really sense to the fans of the program. Mainly the program is designed in a question and answer basis and the contestant is bound to provide the true answers to these questions if he/she is willing to go forward in the program and win the grand prize (1 Crore). So it is just simple as it is and the contestant only have to provide the true answers to the questions they are getting and they are getting the opportunity to get close to the 1st prize.

Though it seems like an easy thing, getting in to the final level is not easy thing and it depends on the luck and the knowledge. However mostly people get in to the show not because of the prize and they are getting some fun while they are participating in the program. Also the presenters always do the needful to provide the same sort of feeling and the experience to the audience in a certain degree and this is one of the major aspects of success.

However before getting into the game, the contestant has to answer few known questions and these few questions will use to analyze the truth of the answers provided throughout the game. Also these questions will become more personalized questions when they are going through the final levels of the game and become much harder than you ever thought. But this is the basic structure of the game and you need to answer carefully and you can approach to the 1st prize accordingly.

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34 Responses

  1. Kalpana Kada says:

    In Sach ka Samna serial, episode dated 22nd July 2009 where Ms. Dholakiya was participated i have noticed that after every question her mother was shaking her head for YES or NO and Ms. Dholakiya was replying accordingly. I just wanted to know when u take their test whether their relatives are knowing all real answers ???

  2. satya prakash singh says:

    final destiny to truth

  3. John S. Cyus says:


    My colleagus told me about this program. My friends oberved that I speak the truth and so recommended to attempt this show. Facing the truth it is a bitter thing but by the grace of God who took my sins upon Him, it is possible to face the truth. It seems to be a good program. If my family members cooperate with me, I would like to participate. I found the application procedures are hidden. Will you people help me to apply.

    John S. Cyrus

  4. admin says:

    Hello all,
    I am really sorry to say that I cant help you get into the show as I am not from official website or official team of Sach Ka Saamna.

  5. sushil singhi says:

    I am really interested to take part in the SACH KA SAMNA show where I have to speak only the truth.

  6. gaurav gaud says:

    this is gaurav I am working as a lecturer in engineering college and desperately would like to participate in sach ka samna anyhow it depends on the authorities of the serial wheather they will allow me or not but anyhow i will feel so good if i would be able to disclosed my truth to others.

  7. bhupendra sawlkae says:

    I am really interested to take part in the SACH KA SAMNA show where I have to speak only the truth Bhupendra Sawlkae

  8. Anil sharma says:

    i m interested in taking part in sach ka saamna .

  9. RAJA SHAW says:

    I am really interested to take part in SACH KA SAAMNA.

  10. lovedeep singh says:

    what we need to do if we want to come in sach ka saamna for play

  11. suhail khan says:

    I am really interested to take part in the SACK KA SAMNA

  12. raju singh says:

    i would like to join in sach ka samna

  13. coolio deelio says:

    Is there any polygraph tests available in mumbai or elsewhere in india for common people? we dont want to participate in your show we just wanted to know the address of that test and the procedure for it.

  14. manoj chatterjee says:

    I want join ur programme sach ka samna if u invited me

  15. yogesh says:

    sach ka samna serial is very hot and uncivilized programme it gives to new generation a wrong message , it expose to personal life ,i request who sposored these type of programme kindly think about lord rama and krishna bharat.


  16. P.VISYA SWAMY says:

    i think this is good to say true but somebody has courage to say truth,

  17. DHAWAL GAWRI says:


  18. Manish Kr. Singh says:

    I am really interested to take part in the Sach ka samna show where I have to speak only the truth Manish Kr. singh Sanjay Jaunpur UP

  19. vimalendu vedatraya says:

    dear, I want to take part in this show…tell me the procedures please…….

  20. sabiha khan says:

    people must know me through this channel keen on coming on sach ka saamna

  21. Dr. L.K. Thakur says:

    I want to participate in Sach ka samna

  22. Dr. L.K. Thakur says:

    I am very much eager to take part in Sach ka samna

  23. Dr. L.K. Thakur says:

    Please let me know how to take part in sach ka samna?

  24. Dr. L.K. Thakur says:

    I am interested to participate in the serial as I have tried my level best to speak the truth in my life. The serial is an excellent platform to speak the truth to the world in presence of family members.

  25. Bablu Singh says:

    i want to spesk all hidden truth about me. please provide a chance.

  26. prashant kumar soni says:

    i want to take part in sach ka saamna .How can i?


    please provide me all information regarding participtiate in programme SACH KA SAMNA so i can prove myself.

  28. MOHIT says:


  29. JUNAID KHAN says:


  30. malika saxena says:

    I am really interested to take part in the Sach ka samna!!!!!

  31. Puneet Bhogra says:

    Hello. I find your show very breathtaking and entertaining as well. People confessing the overts on national Tv is a difficult action. I too have my share of overts and would like to participate in your show to win the prize. Thanks
    Puneet Bhogra

  32. suraj narayan sharma says:

    i have the potential that i can take part in this show because i belief in true. i can tackle all the true which u are suppose to ask with me.
    so i m ready are you ready for me.

  33. sahil arora says:

    I am really interested to take part in the Sach ka samna!!!!!


    I want to join Sach Ka Samna reason is my family condition is so bad and I want to short out all debt of my family so plz show me the way how i can participate .

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