Its Ishita, Raman, and Pihu together but is it for real?


Well , well , well !!!, this Sunday’s episode of Yeh hai Mohabbatein was high voltage drama. It was Mihika and Romi’s wedding and finally its was happening but when both Iyer and Bhalla family are together, some drama is a must and it happened. Both the family argued with each other over the rituals , whereas the Bhalla family wanted a Punjabi wedding, the Iyer family insisted on having a Tamilian wedding. Adi drops in , trying to pacify the situation but all in vain. Aaliya asks Ishita to solve the problem and let the marriage happen smoothly. Ishita drops in between asking the Pandit to conduct both Tamilan and Punjabi rituals . Both the family accepts this and settle down.

Meanwhile, Ruhaan enters the marriage and closely observes the event but gets upset seeing Ishita back in the family. Ishita Ruhaan tries to get the attention by hitting the waiter, Pihu sees him and asks Adi to invite Ruhaan to the event. Aadi agrees and goes to Ruhaan asking him to join the wedding as Pihu is his best fan. Ruhaan gets emotional seeing Adi and recollects old moments. He agrees and goes to the wedding, seeing everyone makes hi nostalgic and he had tears in his eyes.Ishita comes to him and asks what happened, Ruhaan shrugs her off stating that something had fallen in his eyes. Meanwhile, Pihu comes in and asks for a selfie to which Runhaan said no. He thinks that because of her everything has been snatched away from him. Ishita insisted him , at first he refused but later agrees.

Near the havan kund, the pandit tries to lit the fire but the wood didn’t catch fire, Ishita says she will get new wood and Pihu calls up Raman to come to attend the marriage. Raman comes, meanshile Ishita gets the wood but the matchstick goes missing ; Raman gets the matchbox and sees Ishita in front of her. Pandit Ji lit the fire and Ishita’s saree catches fire. Pihu asks both of them to move back. The episode left us with Raman and Ishita standing in front of each other holding Pihu’s hand. Ruhaan promises himself that he will not let Raman and Ishita unite ever.

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