Whats up with Kapil and Gutthi?

There has been some recent drama in, more commonly known as India’s no 1 comedy show “Comedy Nights with Kapil“. Sunil Grover, who is known for the character of Guthii is leaving the show. We didn’t see him the latest episode and won’t be seeing him anytime soon. According the latest tweets by Kapil, he has tried to get Sunil Grover back but he can’t force him. Sunil is an all rounder, we have seen him in not only comedy shows but also as an anchor, and even some Bollywood movies in small roles. Sunil started by playing random characters in the show and one of his character “Gutthi” grabbed the audience and helped him boost the TRP of the show. The character became so popular that Facebook Fan Page of Gutthi got more then a million likes in a small time.

We all love Guthhi and would love to see him again. According to me, Sunil was not wrong as he just demanded a little hike in his fees because when he joined the show it was a normal comedy show and right now it is India’s top show. Well, I don’t think the show will be as popular as it was with Gutthi and the channel also has similar feelings. So Colors has decided that if Kapil is not able to get Gutthhi back to the show they are going to start another comedy show with main lead played by Sunil Grover (as Guthhi). Kapil will be running this show with other characters, Dadi, his wife, servant but there wont be another Gutthi because no one can act the way Sunil did.

So what do you guys think? Do you want Gutthi back? Will you watch the show without her? Do leave your comments.

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