Kasamh Se

Kasam Se
Kasamh Se is a daily soap of Zee TV produced by Ekta Kapoor under banner of Balaji Telefilms. Ekta Kapoor is already known for many poplar shows, main being the ones aired on Star Plus. It has been shown continuously for 3 years every Mon-Thu It is the story of a girl named Bani, who has two sisters- Piya and Rano. She was married to Mr.Walia but is not with him now because of the conspiracies of her enemy, Meera, who is the second wife of Mr.Walia. In total, the serial is a full tragedies and happenings. The show started on January 16, 2006 and ended on day of Holi i.e. March 12, 2009. At the end the old Bani (played by Prach Desai) was also present to give an end to the show.

Kasamh Se Title Song
The serial has a title song and some of the visitors had requested for the song. So, I have found the title song. It is by Nihira Joshi.

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17 Responses

  1. Riya says:

    I love Old Bani and also new Bani. And Ganga is so beautiful.

  2. Zhorah says:

    I also want it`s title song please post it. Love it!

  3. Sifat says:

    Hi Zhorah
    Click on the link Here to download the title song.

  4. Lavanya says:

    I want to know the name of movie of song “kitni bate he jo keh na pau ” which is played on Ganga’s Husband in Kasamh Se.

  5. Dilnawaz says:

    the song you have requested is Aankhon Hi Aankhon from EMI

  6. Pooja says:

    I miss the old Bani so much. After all Prachi Desai is the best and I also have a complain for Ekta, she can bring Smriti back in Kyunki saas bhi……, but can’t she bring Prachi back? It’s viewers demand.

  7. Rashu says:

    Where can I get the song- Woh Aasha Hai, Woh Abhilasha..?

  8. umer says:

    i like both bani please post the title song of kasam se and please start new episodes

  9. chandu says:

    I enjoy this serial. Mostley the songs in between the story.

  10. abhishek says:

    i like very much old bani balia……………

  11. Pretty says:

    I was wondering if you could find the sad version of the kasam se title song.

  12. kamlesh says:

    please send me kasamh se title song
    i like the acting of bani
    ektha your serial rocks

  13. Avina says:

    I want to view Kasam Se from the first episode.Is it possible.Where can i go to do so?

  14. Hema says:

    please send me kasamh se song tittle
    i like the acting of old Bani and Mr.Walia

  15. RABIYAH says:

    I like the all series very much, because it resemble with my life, I have sisters like PIA and the other one resemble to RANO. I lil love bani walia. where can i get the copy of the series from the first episode?

  16. Avinash patil Jalgaon says:

    Hi, i just love to ganga. I love to it’s title song

  17. HIMANI says:

    i love prachi desai (bani). i want your tittle song please send it to me as soon as possible. we share the same face (himani) and my friends call me bani … sometimes

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