Koshish Ek Asha

Koshish – Ek Asha is Indian opera which is aired on the Zee TV in year 2001. This series was produce by the Ekta Kapoor of the Balaji Telefilms, and directed by the Anurag Basu. During time it was 1st aired, series was big hit among audiences. The story portrays life of married woman named Kajal who get betrayed by in-laws in marrying imbecile named Neeraj. The victim of circumstances, Kajal stands dignified in face of turmoil.
This story is about gal who likes other ordinary girl with dreams and hopes of having good marriage and family. Kajal is married to guy who is a mentally retarded person and she is at all not aware of such thing until last moment. In beginning it is shown that she is very depressed and also feels cheated. But as time pass o she decides of accepting her fate and does something about this.

Koshish Ek Asha Title Song

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