Maayka is a Hindi TV serial that airs on Zee TV from January 29,2007,based on Punjabi Consept. Maayka begins with Maa, which means the house that reminds a girl of her mother and takes her back into her childhood years that she has spent at her mother’s house.
This is the story of three daughters and their family – their home (Maayka). Unfortunately, one day a bomb explosion takes place at Malhotra’s house caused by a terrorist who was staying with the Malhotra family. The whole Malhotra family dies, including Raji (eldest daughter), the mother, the father, Prince (younger brother), and the grandmother. Mahi and Soni fell in problem because of this. They handle harsh lives at their in-laws’ house. They cannot go back to their parent’s house because now their ‘Maayka’ is dead….read in detail

Maayka Title Song

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