Fatmagul is a Turkish drama series which is premiered on Zindagi TV. This drama series is based on a novel “Fatmagulun Sucu Ne?” which means “what is Fatmagul’s fault?” This novel was written by Vedat Turkali & was later adapted to a movie. However, due to the bold subject, the movie did not do well.

The drama series, on the other hand, got a tremendous response as a daily soap and the popularity extends beyond Turkey. In fact, it has been remade into different languages and broadcast in various countries as well.

The story revolves around a girl named Fatmagul Ketenci. She lives in the village Ildir which is on the Aegean coast. Her brother Rahmi who is married to Mukaddes runs a dairy shop. Her sister –in-law dislikes Fatmagul intensely. Fatmagul, in fact, is eager to get away from Mukaddes & the house as within a month she is due to be married to a fisherman known as Mustafa Nalcali.

Kerim Ilgaz is shown as an apprentice to a blacksmith and is well mannered. He lives with Meryem who is his aunt. Meryem Aksoy is also called by all as Ebe Nine which means granny Ebe. She heals people using herbal medicine.
The season shows the engagement of Selim who is the most influential businessman and one who is extremely rich as well. Selim is engaged to Meltem who is the daughter of Turaner Alagoz, a politician. The engagement is a huge affair. Kerim meets his friends Vural and the cousins who are Erdogan and Selim. After the lavish party thrown for the engagement, they decide to go for a drink and drug binge.

Fatmagul works as a helper so that she has money to pay for her wedding. On the day of the engagement, she finishes work early to go to the seashore to see Mustafa, who is due to embark upon a fishing trip. Mustafa has already left and so Fatmagul does not get to meet him, but unfortunately, at that time, Kerim, Vural, Erdogan and Selim, who are drunk and drugged see her and in spite of her attempts to escape, three of them gang rape her. The only one who does not is Kerim but as he passes out, he has no recollection of the event.

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The next morning Fatmagul is discovered by Ebe Nine. Vural is disturbed by his actions, though the other two are completely unfazed. There is a huge uproar. Fatmagul’s sister-in-law accepts money from the rapists in exchange for silence and so Fatmagul is expected to accept whatever happened. Kerim decides to make amends & marries Fatmagul as her fiancé has decided to call off the wedding as he blames Fatmagul for the incident.

Kerim falls in love with Fatmagul but she hates him. The plot thickens with an unscrupulous lawyer entering the scene and how Fatmagul is able to get justice. The twists and turns taken in this drama bring to fore the karma, justice & the strength of a woman. It also highlights how hate can be transformed into a intimate relationship.

Fatmagul Title Song
Listen to the Urdu version of the song below:

The background music from this series. This video has all the songs, tunes, melodies and believe me it is pleasure to ears.

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