Teri Burukhi

Teri Berukhi‘ is one of the most popular shows brought by Zindagi Channel in India. Hailing from Pakistan, the drama is actually an emotional saga that revolves around two lead characters- Numair and Alina. Numair is married to Alina but unfortunately, the couple is not leading a happy married life. Numair is a wealthy and busy businessman who has to spend a lot of time at work. Alina has been portrayed as a self-centered woman who doesn’t care about her husband’s family and is too engrossed in her own social affairs or parties while Numair’s children get neglected. Even after repeated efforts from Numair, things do not change.

The story takes a sharp turn when Numair divorces Alina and marries Shahtaj. Shahtaj not only proves to be a good wife, but also a great mother who takes care of the teenage children while keeping everyone on the family very happy. Seeing how much Shahtaj does for the family, Numair is drawn towards her. On the other hand, Alina remarries but can’t live a happy life after which she divorces again and tries to come back with Numair.

The TV serial then revolves around how Alina tries to get back with Numair but he is extremely reluctant as he feels it would be unfair to Shahtaj after what all she has done for his family and kids. The story takes complex turns and twists of love and jealousy as an estranged ex-wife tries to win her husband back from a better woman.

Teri Berukhi Title Song

An awesome composition sung by Waqar Ali. The title theme song of this serial is a full song “Teri Berukhi Ne maara”.

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