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Love Story Sab TV
Love story is a beautiful and young serial that is aired on SAB TV. The serial was produced and directed by Anurag Basu, prominent bollywood director. This show ran for approximately 1 year (30th April 2007 – 17th Jan 2008). Due to nice TRPs, Love Story was also aired on Sony TV from June 11. In India, the show was dropped early, but on International Sony Network it rank for a lot more time. The final episode was aired on Jan 31 2008.
As this is love based serial, hence, it has plenty of songs which were very nice and heart touching. These songs and music of this serial was one the main reason for its popularity among youth. Songs of Love Story (Sab TV) serial are so popular that no of downloads were more then Bollywood Songs. Obviously, when some one is attached to the serial, he is also attached to the characters and music of the show and same is case here.

Love Story Songs

There are many songs in the album. Check out the name of music videos and Youtube videos embedded below.
Teri Yaadein 
a very beautiful and soft song, with nice singing and sweet background music.

Teri Yaadein (Female) 

Teri Yaadein – Sad Version

Storyline: The story is based on couple Akash and Sruthi. The story starts with innocence and Shruthi falling in love with Akash. The story takes twist when the couple crop up their ego problems and soon fight battles to fulfill their quest for power and love. A story which has been started with innocence soon takes the plot of fights and betrayals. Shruti’s uncle is local don and is always at logger heads with Akash as his brother sents him to jail.
Pretty soon, Akash and Shruti elope but soon they were hunted down. Akash is shot and Shruti is taken away by their uncle. The story is told in a series of flashbacks at the hospital where Akash battles for his survival. The serial was an average as it did not reach the expectations of the director. The show was soon made to end in the year 2008 where the concluding episodes were aired on Sony Entertainment Television Asia. It was dropped from Sony television channel before it was aired on SAB TV.

More Songs that were aired:

Tumse Milne Key
Yu Chal Pade Hain
Tera Deewana
Ranjish Hi Sahi
Mujhse milne ke
Phir Kissa Wohi Ho Raha (Sad)
Love you in a song
I love you (male and female)
dikhta na saaya – Male
BG Music Guitar

Love Story Songs Download

Songs and background tunes downloads are available at

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    I love this show! Everyday I was eagerly waiting for this show. But , this is the bad thing with Indian serials, the typical saas bahu type serials are playing for years and the serials for youth are just for a year. Please tell them to made the next version of this SERIAL.

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    its a fabulous serial ever made according 2 me and i am the biggest fan of “”love story””. Its a humble request please restart this show on sab earlier i have never missed a single episode and still want to see it again and best part is the chemistry between shruti(beautiful eyes n lips) & akaash(looks fully committed) ,its simply awsme loadz of love for shruti & akaash

    vid love
    allah hafiz

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    I love this show! Everyday I was eagerly waiting for this show. But , this is the bad thing with Indian serials, the typical saas bahu type serials are playing for years and the serials for youth are just for a year. Please tell them to made the next version of this SERIAL.

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