Love Ne Mila Di Jodi

Love Ne Mila Di Jodi

Introduction to Love Ne Mila Di Jodi

It is a story that defines about 3 sisters and brothers having their individual plans about their future. This serial actually comes along with the story defining “Plan main nahi thi love story, par love ne mila di jodi.” Being produced by a big banner Shakuntalam Telefilms, this serial comes along with a package of refreshful new actors, impulsive old actors including Chandana Sharma, Gaurav Khanna, Karan Tackar, Dishank Arora, and Simran.

This serial hits the TV screens on June 17th from timings 9.30 Monday till Friday on Star One. This show will dash along with the airing serial Shakuntala – an interesting love story which is produced by the banner Sagar Pictures. This Shakuntala serial actually gets aired during the time of 8 PM and 8.30 PM which is actually a 2 time slot. After all good deal of hard work, the show has come out very well and of course it is expected to drive all the attention of urban population. Being so realistic and emotional, the show is expected to receive huge round of applause from the audience around.

The serial will be little unique like various new counterparts such as Dill Mill Gayye. The show clearly portrayed the flair and spirit of some teens, and their end on different path because of love!

Love Ne Mila Di Jodi Story

This serial is about the story of six twenty – with 3 sisters and brothers. Three brother Sameer, Prithivi and Vaurn live in Manali along with their Mom. They live a happy family with all good contentment in life and they are merely expecting the arrival of their dad from Mumbai in the lead of his retirement. The brothers were truly waiting to spend enough time with their dad and even expect to ensure the comfortableness of their living. There might be some misinterpretation and things might go skewed while their father Mr. Balraj fails to return from Mumbai.

When their father never happens to return, the 3 brothers plan and make a travel to Mumbai to ensure everything about their father. That is the moment, where their life follows a shock. Yes, their dad was tangled on a murder charge. The murder charge is evened out against Balraj, by his trustworthy long time boss, for someone whom he has overture his sweat and hard work – Ila Gujral. Sameer and Prithvi planned to observe and examine the root cause of the trouble and they decided to meet Mr. Ila Gujral. Their attempt and tries worth them nothing and it was undeniably a failure one.
When their initial attempts turned as a failure, the 3 boys concluded to seize vengeance on Ila Gujarals family for the tight mess of their father. During this attempt, the 3 guys met Illa’s family including 3 sisters namely Avni, Roshmi and Damini. The 3 boys left away their passion for vengeance while their fall in love with the 3 sisters of Ila Gujaral. The 6 characters in the serial has complete distinctive qualities that make has set an excellent on-screen chemistry among the couples.

Clearly, every Star One youth based show has a different storyline. For example Pyaar Ki Yeh Ek Kahani has a completely different vampire based storyline then this.

Love Ne Mila Di Jodi Songs

Like always our website will continuously be looking at the new songs and background tunes as in Miley Jab Hum Tum and other Star One shows and will periodically adding the songs aired to the website.

Title Song
The title song of the show was aired in TV on 22nd of June. It is a nice song and I hope you all will love to listen to it. The title song is available at official site of LNMDJ.

Characters of Love Ne Mila Di Jodi

Love Ne Milla Di Jodi
The major spotlighting characters are Prithvi, Sameer, Damini, Avni, Varun and Roshni.

Prithvi, a courteous handsome boy who trusts and has hopes in caring women. Though is not sensationally smart, he is good at heart. Prithvi trust in integrity and behaves with complete justice to everyone always.

Sameer is undoubtedly the sweet talker among the three. With smart, chic and ravishing look, he always hit girl’s heart easily without any troubles.

Varun a smart and intelligent guy, having ranked top in his entire subject and had involved in extramural activities. He is smart in self planning and idea setting. He falls in for Roshmi, who doesn’t match him exactly well. Though he tries and ignores, the girl comes in any way that is possible.

Damini, being a precarious girl she looks strong with an outward look. She is the supporting rock for her family and she examines that her arrogance is merely distinctive. Though she is little short-tempered, she meets all the needs of her family and protects her family with care and attention. Unluckily she got wedded with a guy, who actually does not love her… She still feels the dearth a supportive icon in her life.

Avni, a humble, polite and homely girl is definitely the best homemaker. She actually doesn’t believe or have faith I his beauty, but still considers that her charm will be praised one day.

Roshni is little orthodox and old world girl who is still waiting to find her Price, but yet has not found someone that good. She still keeps searching for guys and finally she hesitates to live with them. Varun not actually gave her any particular attention, and as a mark of surprise, she always grabs attention from teens all around.

Download Songs and Background Tunes
To download all BG tunes and songs from this serial visit India-Forums LNMDJ Audio

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82 Responses

  1. PRAJAKTA RAUT says:


  2. SWATI says:

    i love ‘love ne mila di jodi’ very much especially sameer whom i love the most

  3. Roshani says:

    I think this show is best and will rock and will be able to win viewer’s heart and sameer and roshni are the best i hope they should be the couple it rocks

  4. JAINA says:


  5. Aena says:

    Love ne mila di jodi is a nice show..the best couple on Love Ne Mila Di Jodi is Sameer and Avni..good show

  6. gunveen says:

    love ne milaa di jodi is a very cute show related wth love .this show express that love can happen to anyone anywhere at any time with anyone.i like sameer and avni theeeeeeeeee most…………………….. sweet show

  7. Amna Akram says:

    Love ne mila di jodi is the best and it will rock in star one.I love avni,roshni,sameer and varun and I think it will be able to win the viewer hearts

  8. nandini says:

    love ne mila di jodi is a nice show . the three sis and bro’s rock. And d best couple i think is sameer and avni. I also love the title song of this show its really awesome…………..

  9. priyal says:

    it is fantastic,awesome,wonderful,amazing and rocking serial.i especially like d characters and d title song.i just want 2 say dat dis show rocks!!!!!!

  10. meenu says:

    i like this serial very very much because this story is also matched with every young person.

  11. Aishwarya says:

    Hi Boys Hello Girls,

    I Love Roshni & Sameer.They Are Perfect , Awesome & Cute.

  12. Navya says:

    I think this is awesome show . There are 3 beautiful sisters and 3 handsome brothers .I love this show . Speacilly Damini and Roshani . Damini is cute and trustebal . I like Roshani very much beacause she always smiles and do cute make up . In coming days this show will rock the World .


    I m the great fan of this program………………………………………..

  14. unknown says:

    I find prithvi really handsome and damini looks so cool with him….they are definately the best looking and the sexy couple on the show.

  15. Gaurav Soni says:

    Nice Serial Must watch for once it’s a new story….


    I love this program……………………………………………..

  17. Karan says:

    Please upload the Background Tune of Sameer.

  18. ekta rai says:

    This serial is really fantastic especilly for the youngsters.
    I watch this serial daily.



  20. nabil says:

    I love the body of prithvi and also the titel song…………………………………

  21. kanwal says:

    i love this serial so much i never miss this serial i like prithvi
    the most he is really cool and handsome

  22. kumar gaurav says:

    i m impresed with the look of prithvi,and a suggestion for him keep distance from damini gujral because most scenes of yours are really romantic,jab jhagda karte ho tab achha lagta hai,i m waiting jab dono ke beech suruat ho

  23. Faizul MAab says:

    i just love the personality of pritvi and varun they are simply outstanding throughout he show I LOVE THEM all and the title song also some get me the song i wana download it please

  24. SAMEER ALI says:


  25. Imran says:

    i love this serial

  26. fatima baig says:

    i love this drama

  27. deeny says:


  28. NEHA says:


  29. nikita says:

    This show rocks.
    The best Jodi i think in this show is sameer & avni

  30. Richa says:

    I love this show & especially Sameer & Roshni. I love both of them.Roshni is very sweet & sameer is smart,cool,sweet.

  31. rishika says:

    Sameer and Avni, pair is simply superb a blend of style and humbleness

  32. Naitik says:

    I like this program very much.

  33. nayna says:

    i love this serial very much especially damini and prithvi. they make a good pair

  34. quratulain says:

    i like that serial very much my favorite character is damini and prithvi.

  35. andrew says:

    please upload the background tune of varun

  36. Radhish Radhakrishnan says:

    Hi….Every Body ……

    I am Fan like you all of this serial ,,,, I like a lot the story of the serial.

    The best Couple I like is Prithvi & Damini.Both have developed nice chemistry between them ….


    SAMEER : He is such a charmer….The way he SMILES is as if there is happiness all around….I 1st saw him in d GILETTE AD and was awestruck….He was sooo gud looking and damn SMART…..I hope he always stays soo HAPPY,FUN LOVING, CHARMER…..<<<<>>>>


  38. Harsh says:

    Prithvi , Sameer , Varun Background Tunes for Love Ne Mila Di Jodi added this tunes.


  39. aditya says:

    i like this show more than anything

  40. Pulkit monga says:

    i love this amazing serial.

  41. karan says:

    this show is amazing.

  42. VENESICA says:


  43. Abhishek Mallick says:

    From the beginning of this serial I have really liked the jodi of Prithvi & Damini.I think they are really made for each other.

  44. Hardik Vadher says:

    I really like this Drama…

    Specially that flow of serial and that Romantic words…

    and lot more….

  45. wahab says:

    very beautiful and funny drama i am very enjoy the love ne milla di jodi i like sameer and avni

  46. sonu says:

    hi i am sonu sherwani. i am your big fan.

  47. anushree says:

    the music is excellent
    love ne mila di jodi is cool.

  48. salman says:

    its a very good serial

  49. Harpreet singh says:

    we like the show and show must go on.

  50. Mrs Cool says:

    Hey this serial is just rocking.

  51. minakshi says:

    i love this serial specially prithvi

  52. shina says:

    prithvi I LOVE YOU so much.

  53. divya says:

    i love prithvi and damini.

  54. sumeet daptardar says:

    i love this serial so much

  55. Jenish patel says:


  56. rhea says:

    i love this program………

  57. Talha Bin Sohail says:

    I only love Damini and prithvi and roshni.All over I love the hole drama more then every one.Till I die I will watch this drama.

  58. shaan yadav says:

    I Like much this program and my best jodi prithvi and damini.

  59. rohit says:

    love ne mila di jodi.awesome show.I found prithvi and damini make hottest couple.

  60. stela says:

    Your drama is so nice & its story is superb

  61. Nilanjana Prasad says:

    I love Sameer and Roshni.

  62. ONI says:

    good serial.

  63. dhruthi says:

    Hey! this is a super cool serial which i watch regularly.i really like it guys.

  64. ills says:

    This show rocks all over the world. I am totally crazy of it.

  65. Era says:

    Hey, where can we get the background music when Avni-Sameer and Damini-Prithvi are together?

  66. Sadman says:

    Please add the Latest LNMDJ Background Tunes

  67. ABc says:

    THIS SERIAL IS AWESOME ……………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. Pratim says:

    Prithvi. You are simply rocking. I truly like your attitude, confidence, character and your trust in Intrigity. Keep it You are so cute.

  69. tooba usman says:

    roshni is very very beautifull and very naughty and
    varun is very handsome this is a very sweet couple

  70. Anuradha says:

    Finally the secret of Balraj’s murder is revealed! Cool! great twist in the serial. Now let’s see when Prithvi, Sameer and Varun will get to know about it. Or will Gujral suffer for no reason.

  71. Manoj tuvraj nimbalkar says:

    Hi, Love Ne Mila Di Jodi my favourite serial.

  72. Manoj tuvraj nimbalkar says:

    Love Ne Mila D Jodi my favourite serial.

  73. SUMIT BENIWAL says:

    prithvi is very handsome boy. roshni is very sweet girl.

  74. sunny sialkoti says:

    i love this show.
    and i love you avni

  75. SHANU MITTAL says:

    I love ‘love ne mila di jodi’ & “Prithvi – Damini jodi”.

  76. SURBHI says:


  77. raghunandan says:

    the best serial ever seen on any entertainment channel.

  78. moni says:

    i don’t watch it atall as it is nothing but nonsense stuff to me, it is actually meaningless and has no relation with real life, but i have to agree that prithvi and roshni, two of the characters are quite good-looking and sweet.And they absolutely match that nonsense serial.

  79. avinash says:

    i like the show love ne milla de jodi because the show is so beautiful that i am missing the show and the cast.when the show starts i saw from first episode till last episode.i like the song of love ne milla de jodi. i love prithvi damini sameer avni roshni varun and entier cast of love ne milla de jodi so much..

  80. SHREE 9637848575 says:

    I love the title song and Prithvi’s Character. I love this serial.

  81. Anubhav says:

    I loved this serial very much Especially all the girls and boys like prithvi sameer roshni damini and avni

  1. July 2, 2009

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