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Hip Hip Hurray was actually one of the most famous Hindi television series that was aired on Zee TV in the year 1998, and after the massive success of the first spell, the series started its 2nd sequel in the year 2001. The overall plot is based on the personal lives of 12th grade students at prestigious DeNobili High School and their individual adventures, hopes and fears, their personal relationships and even intimate interactions. Apart from that, the plot also concentrates on problems pertinent for the young generation like dating, health, exams, careers that happen in a cheerful manner. The first spell of the series focused more on the actors where they were studying in school and flitting through life. Sorrows and joys were internal part of their lives. The first season comprised 80 episodes and the 2nd season had 55 episodes. The second season concentrated more on the student’s lives on the college campus. Each episode of the show takes a person through the years spent by a thrilling group of teenagers – a year in which they fall in love, and also experience sudden heart-breaks, problems with their parents, teachers and experience anxieties and so on. Their tribulations and trials are captured expressively and with rare compassion. Hip Hip Hurray Title Song is also famous and available on our site.

You can easily see all the marvelous Hip Hip Hurray episodes online on YouTube according to your requirement and liking. Some episodes have been uploaded by Mehul Nisar, who was one of the actors in this famous show. Other have been uploaded by DesiTVSerials channel at Youtube. Online viewers can easily see Hip Hip Hurray Episode 1, Hip Hip Hurray Episode 2, and so on. The overall quality of these online shows on YouTube is adequate and you will certainly like the shows without any doubt. You just need to type “Hip Hip Hurray” in the search section on YouTube and you will get the desired results.

Alternatively, viewers can also watch the entire episodes of Hip Hip Hurray on Whether online viewers want to see the first episode or the last episode, they can easily view all the Hip Hip Hurray episodes on at any point of time. The overall quality of the online episodes is also great. You will certainly not miss any action or important moment in a particular episode if you wish to see any Hip Hip Hurray episode on this site.

The shows have been cleverly formulated one by one and uploaded on the site. Online audiences will definitely appreciate the overall quality of these online episodes on the site. If any of you have missed a single episode of this famous serial, then Youtube can be a good option to view the entire episodes with full quality. The show was very popular among school and college goers. The storyline was very unique and fresh and evoked a sense of jubilation, trials and tribulations that a teenager goes through. Teenagers or college students actually relate with the characters played by the artists in the show.

The first 20 episodes can be watch below. More coming in 2-3 weeks 🙂

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    Could you please upload Episode 40…? I have been looking for Part 1 of Ep 40. I found Parts 2 and 3 on youtube but not part 1 🙁


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